Margo painting at Sedona Arts Center on National Cowboy Day

My interest in creating art began before I entered kindergarten. I recall sketching in the margins of newspapers, on the backs of used envelopes, or anywhere else I could find space to draw. Our family was not prosperous so my materials were limited to the occasional blank piece of paper and whatever chewed-upon pencil I could find in the house. Erasers? Good luck with that!

In spite of this obsessive drive, I set my dominant interest aside for decades, substituting a professional career in which art had no place. However, once I withdrew from the ranks of the employed, art quickly began to fill the space that retirement provided.

After two years of study under reputed pastel and oil painter Richard McKinley, I began to create original artwork, oil paints being my medium of choice. Although I attend the occasional workshop, I find what works best for me in the pursuit of improving my technique is to paint, paint, and then to paint some more. In addition to that, observance of Nature’s use of soft and subtle color shading continues to tutor me faithfully.

My artistic goal is, quite simply, to improve my skills with each new painting. TO BE A BETTER ARTIST is my aim. Nothing more. Painting brings me great pleasure. I have not yet reached the level of skill that I want to attain, and may never get there, but with every painting I learn something more. And the journey is sweet and brings great personal rewards. 

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